We are entering the Asian century. Asia is the world’s largest and most rapidly growing economic region, and the greatest source of patents.

Asia Growth Partners specializes in understanding market, organizational, and technological dynamics in Asia. We help businesses localize their products, processes, and business models to improve competitiveness in Asian markets. And we partner with you to identify new growth opportunities and to manage emerging threats.

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Our Business Scope.

Market Disruption
Business Model
Business Processes
Application Systems
Data Infrastructure
Physical Infrastructure
Products & Services
Monitor Disruption
Grow Business
Transform Operations

Monitor Disruption

Are you aware of the changes that will impact your business?

To sustain long term success in Asia, companies must systematically monitor changing customer requirements, supply chains, competition, and regulations. The ability to react and adapt quickly is a key competitive factor in Asia’s hyper dynamic markets.

Grow Business

What product portfolio and business model will drive your growth over the next decade?

Asia is the world’s largest market for many goods and services. But succeeding in Asian markets requires localizing products, services, and business models to meet the rapidly evolving demands of local customers.

Transform Operations

Are your processes designed for the needs of the future or the past?

Successful digital transformation in Asia requires balancing standardization against localization to leverage global capabilities while adapting to local operating conditions and customer expectations.

Value Creation Perspectives.

Successful competition in Asia is based on the ability to identify opportunities, bring effective solutions to market, localize business models, and develop local ecosystems that provide specialized capability. Our work involves advising businesses regarding five perspectives to help generate tangible business results.

Use Case - IoT ONE Knowledge Domains
Where should we focus our resources?
There is a vast universe of growth opportunities to explore, from new offerings to more efficient paths to market. Defining which opportunities to prioritize is a high leverage decision point since this determines the direction of all future efforts.
Technologies - IoT ONE Knowledge Domains
How will we deliver value?
Any given need can be addressed with many possible solutions. Selecting an effective technology stack and set of processes will determine the solution’s performance, user experience, scalability, and cost structure. The solution is often difficult and expensive to modify once deployed so careful planning is critical.
Business Models - IoT ONE Knowledge Domains
Business Models
How will we go to market?
Business model localization is increasingly important as Asia’s markets mature. Digitalization also enables innovation by providing the ability to automate services. Selecting the right business model is as critical to commercial success as a competitive product.
Companies - IoT ONE Knowledge Domains
How will we access expertise and technology?
As technical complexity increases, it is ever more important to collaborate with the right partners and suppliers to bring a best-in-class product to market. Many Asian’s governments are placing further requirements on vendor localization by regulating aspects of the tech stack.
Macro Environment - IoT ONE Knowledge Domains
Macro Environment
What external factors impact our success?
Opportunity is created by environment, and Asia is a very diverse and dynamic environment. It is critical to understand the markets, technical capabilities, regulations, social trends, and demographics of every market that you operate in.

Our Services.

Our clients are ambitious. They believe in the future of Asia. And they strive to ensure they remain a part of the region’s growth story.

We partner with bold leaders from vision to reality. Conducting detailed research to inform wise decisions. Enabling world class performance through technology. Localizing when necessary, and standardizing when possible.

Together we are building competitive businesses that will support Asia’s continued growth.

Our Clients.

We are trusted by market leaders and technology specialists.

Siemens - IoT ONE Client
AWS - IoT ONE Client
GE - IoT ONE Client
PTC - IoT ONE Client
RS - IoT ONE Client
Qlik - IoT ONE Client
ePLAN - IoT ONE Client
Bayer - IoT ONE Client
covestro - IoT ONE Client
TÜV SÜD - IoT ONE Client
Lenze - IoT ONE Client
BASF - IoT ONE Client
Evonik - IoT ONE Client
Fischer - IoT ONE Client
Körber - IoT ONE Client
Lenovo - IoT ONE Client
L'Oréal - IoT ONE Client
Mann+Hummel - IoT ONE Client
Michelin - IoT ONE Client
Rehau - IoT ONE Client
Sberbank - IoT ONE Client
SKF - IoT ONE Client

and many more…

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