The 21st century supply chain rewards situational awareness and operational agility. We work with clients to put systems in place that provide real time insights into operational performance and enable automation and optimization.

Do you have a roadmap for building operational excellence in Asia? Gaining a competitive advantage in supply chain operations requires rigorously evaluating opportunities to improve efficiency, agility, and quality.

Our operational excellence capabilities are rooted in proprietary databases of use cases, technologies, and technology vendors. We augment our internal knowhow with insights from a large network of domain experts.

Bringing your operations to the next level requires systematically accessing data, generating insight with strong business impact, and automating or improving workflows. The tools are digital. But humans remain at the core of every successful business. We specialize in designing human-centric solutions to operational challenges.

Operations Services.

Digital Transformation
Are you confident in the competitiveness of your operations? An effective digital transformation roadmap balances long term priorities and quick wins, while maintaining agility in the face of change. We work closely with clients to prioritize problems to solve, identify pragmatic solutions, evaluate business cases, and plan implementation.
Technology Advisory Board - IoT ONE Exchange Services
Operate Like a
Digital Native
If you were starting with a clean slate, how would you use digital technologies to reduce costs and improve process efficiency? We work with clients to transform internal processes with PaaS, SaaS, ML, chatbots, and other modern tools. Our approach is rooted in three principles: variable > fixed, digital > analog, and outsourcing > insourcing.
Technology Advisory Board - IoT ONE Exchange Services
Use Case
Are you confident that you are prioritizing the right investments, at the right time? There is fierce competition for financial and IT resources in most companies. We objectively assess management goals and internal user pain points to define use cases and evaluate their business impact, cost structure, and implementation risk profiles.
Technology Advisory Board - IoT ONE Exchange Services
Advisory Board
Digital transformation is outside the core competencies of most companies. We compile advisory boards to sense check direction, refine ideas, assess feasibility, and clarify implementation plans. Advisory Boards are composed of experts and entrepreneurs with technical and business perspective and a willingness to challenge assumptions.
Are you looking for best-fit technical solutions in new categories? As the tech stack deepens procurement teams are challenged to evaluate new categories such as machine learning and data platforms. We conduct thorough assessments of suppliers and operate RFI and RFQ/RFP processes to shortlist the suppliers that meet your requirements.
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Our Clients.

We are trusted by market leaders and technology specialists.

Siemens - IoT ONE Client
AWS - IoT ONE Client
GE - IoT ONE Client
PTC - IoT ONE Client
RS - IoT ONE Client
Qlik - IoT ONE Client
ePLAN - IoT ONE Client
Bayer - IoT ONE Client
covestro - IoT ONE Client
TÜV SÜD - IoT ONE Client
Lenze - IoT ONE Client
BASF - IoT ONE Client
Evonik - IoT ONE Client
Fischer - IoT ONE Client
Körber - IoT ONE Client
Lenovo - IoT ONE Client
L'Oréal - IoT ONE Client
Mann+Hummel - IoT ONE Client
Michelin - IoT ONE Client
Rehau - IoT ONE Client
Sberbank - IoT ONE Client
SKF - IoT ONE Client

and many more…

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