Digital Operations Learning Expedition

The APAC directors of HR and digitalization of a global top three cosmetics company were tasked with increasing awareness of digital solutions for supply chain operations.
The global COO of a top three cosmetics company had prioritized operational digitalization as a key priority for the organization. In Asia, he tapped the directors of HR and digitalization to enhance the awareness of middle and senior management about the maturity of key digital technologies and DX use cases. Focus was placed on quality assurance and supply chain visibility across their network of dozens of contract manufacturers and internal facilities in the region.

As with many organizations, there was broad alignment among the global management team on the direction they wanted to move in. However, translating that direction into action required getting the local management team on board. The first step in this direction was to engage them actively in problem area prioritization and solution ideation. This was done by benchmarking companies in other industries through site visits and management exchanges.
Asia Growth Partners collaborated with the HR and digitalization directors to design several expeditions focused on specific topics for the various functions. Four expeditions were led in total, with each expedition lasting for three days. Participants came from Europe, North America, China, Japan, Taiwan, India and Singapore, and from functions ranging from logistics to finance.

The agenda of each learning expedition included a mix of operational site visits to peer companies, exploration visits to technology providers, and internal ideation workshops. The expeditions concluded with participants breaking into teams to summarize their learnings and define actions that they would bring back into their daily work.
  • Design expeditions focused on specific topics for functions ranging from logistics to finance.
  • Coordinate expeditions lasting for three days with participants from multiple regions.
  • Host operational site visits to peer companies and exploration visits to technology providers.
  • Facilitate internal ideation workshops.
  • Summarize learnings and define actions to bring back into daily work.
  • In total, over 100 managers from Europe, North America and Asia participated in 4 expeditions over a 12-month period. The participants became digital champions in their home regions and functions following the expedition in order to achieve a multiplier effect in the broader organization.
  • Management discussions with 24 technology providers lead to the eventual deployment of multiple pilot projects.

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